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Publicity & Communications/ Connecticut Planning Magazine

Providing valuable and timely information to Chapter members is one of the core services of CCAPA. The Publicity and Commutations Committee is responsible for publishing the Chapter newsletter and developing content for and maintaining the Chapter’s web site. This Committee is expected to expand its role beyond member communication to also communicate the positions or opinions of the Chapter to the general public, the news media, and elected and appointed officials, and will be instrumental in raising the profile of the Chapter and the profession. Chapter members interested in writing articles, editorials, or content for either the newsletter or the web site are welcome.

Rebecca Augur, AICP
Publicity & Communications Chair
Connecticut Planning Magazine, Executive Editor
T: 203.271.1773
F: 203.272.9733

Shawna Kitzman, AICP Web Site Manager
T: 917.670.7188